Bradley Classes

I am so thankful that we had Susan Rotman to prepare us for the beautiful, unmedicated birth of our son, Jude. I had decided while I was in medical school that, when the time came, I would do whatever I could to avoid having the doctor-centered labor and birth process that I had witnessed time and again.

I was particularly horrified by the slippery slope of unnecessary interventions I saw which led to unnecessary c-sections. There is simply no good reason for one of every three babies in our country to be cut out of Mom. So, when the time came, I researched natural childbirth classes and decided to study the Bradley Method. Susan was the first Bradley instructor I called, and I never needed to call another! She immediately took me under her wing and exuded confidence to me that she would be able to help us gain the knowledge we needed to allow for an unmedicated birth, even in today’s radical birth culture that encourages mothers to succumb to interventions far too quickly. Susan welcomed three other couples and us into her home and guided us passionately through the Bradley Method. She fed us healthy and delicious food each week, and kept our attention with various types of activities and even special guests! She kept up with us through the week to make sure we were doing okay and still learning. We had incredible fun and were full of joy as we gained the confidence to be able to have our son naturally. I was especially grateful that she taught my husband what to expect and how to be my coach. Using the knowledge she shared, he was awesome! Our labor and delivery was everything we hoped it would be. I am very proud to share our birth story. I am very proud to look at my precious son and know that he was given a peaceful entrance into this world without drugs or any other unnecessary shocks to his system. I wish every expectant couple had a Susan Rotman. I’m sure glad we did!

—Holly Warren, MD