Bradley Classes

A positive force of nature. My wife and I constantly referred to Susan with this moniker as it seemed most accurately to describe her affect. Compassionate, nurturing, and supportive, Susan always made us feel more at ease and more confident about the birthing experience. As I reflect on my son’s birth day, I can not imagine going through that experience without Susan as our doula.

Striking a balance between letting me be the leader as husband-coach and keeping everything on track from behind-the-scenes, Susan is so uniquely fitted for this meaningful support role. Always ready with a bottle of water, another massage gizmo, or just loving words, she became the natural balm my wife and I needed to see through to our goals. Instinctively, Susan knew just when to get out of the way and when to help lead the way. Throughout the wild journey, I was so re-assured every time I looked to Susan, knowing my wife was in good hands. She was our rock. I feel forever indebted to Susan for helping me in supporting my wife through the most powerful moment of our lives. Thank you, Susan.

—Father of Eli Noah