Bradley® Classes

Thank you for your amazing class. I really had to convince Rick to take it, but as soon as Charlotte was born he said, “We need to send Susan a gift. She really prepared us for the birth.” Your class mentally prepared me. I can never repay you for the way my husband looked at me in awe when we got to the birth center at 9cm. I guess since I was so calm he (actually we) didn’t think I was nearly that far along. We do not plan to have any more children, so we feel so blessed that we had such an amazing birth experience and we 100% contribute that to your class. Since I only get to experience the miracle of birth once, I’m so glad I was able to do it as planned without any interventions.
Thank you again for being such a great instructor and also for bending over backwards for us when Charlotte was born and we needed lactation support STAT! When we were freaking out about our daughter not eating, I looked at Rick and yelled, “Call Susan!!!” I just knew you would be there for us. It’s so obvious that you love your job. Keep up the good work!! I know you will continue to bless many more couples the way you blessed us.

—Charlotte's Mom